Patriot Pipeline, Inc. is a proud industry leader in providing installation and/or repairs of sewer systems throughout Southern California. Our highly experienced team can handle anything from simple residential sewer laterals to high production mainline, including manholes and lift stations. We are knowledgeable in all aspects of the installation, including traffic control, trench safety, and AC repair making us the “one stop shop” for your project.


When it comes to water pipelines, you will be hard pressed to find a better team than Patriot Pipeline, Inc. There is no more important resource than fresh water; we are an extremely efficient tool to get that resource from its source to your property. We are highly respected and knowledgeable in all areas of this process including domestic water, fire water, and reclaimed water. We are familiar with all district and state codes and will get the job done and water flowing on time and under budget.


Storm drain systems are extremely important to keep our roadways safe and dry during rainstorms. Patriot Pipeline, Inc. has been a part of this for many years; we have installed everything from small 4” plastic drains to large scale concrete pipes. We are capable of building manholes, catch basins, curb inlets and any other type of structure that may be required.


Storm water retention systems (subsurface retention systems) are a relatively new technology in the industry. A standard storm drain system takes surface water and directs it into a pipeline infrastructure and eventually sends millions of gallons of usable water to the ocean. Subsurface retention systems hold the water and slowly allow it to percolate back into the water table for later use in wells and water systems. We are proud to have installed some of the first systems ever used in Southern California. We continue to develop with this technology and have become an industry leader in its implementation.


Dry utility packages can include anything from Edison backbone lines including high voltage vaults and transformers to simple “house connections”. It can also include telephone, fiber optic, CATV, and gas line installation.  At Patriot Pipeline, Inc., we are proud to be one of the few pipeline contractors that can provide both wet and dry utility installations.  This “package deal” offers a much smoother and cleaner project with fewer subcontractors. Call us today for a bid!

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