Patriot Pipeline, Inc.

A Proven Leader in Commercial and Residential Projects
Offering Comprehensive Underground Packages for Both Wet and Dry Utilities
Certified Gas Trenching
Serving All of Southern California

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General Engineering Contractors You Can Count On...

Patriot Pipeline, Inc. specializes in underground utilities from mid to large scale commercial projects as well as residential tract projects. Patriot is a Class A General Engineering Contractor located in Wildomar, California, and has been serving Southern California since 2003.

Patriot takes pride in building business relationships with owners, developers, design teams, subcontractors and others to reach the construction goal, on time and within budget; reinforcing the company's reputation for superior workmanship and performance exceeding clients expectations.

You can trust we have both the experience and the expertise to get your job done right! Contact us to discuss your project today.

Patriot has invested in all industry standard heavy construction equipment. Our equipment includes excavators, skid steers, backhoes, water tank, transport truck and trailer, and fully equipped service trucks. Patriot also offers GPS Location Capabilities, saving you time and money!

...With A Record of Safety & Quality

Patriot takes safety and quality very seriously. Our clients expect it and our reputation depends on it.

Patriot is committed to providing and maintaining a safe working environment in all phases of our work. Our field construction supervisors and workers are trained to recognize safety and health hazards for all employees by communicating and addressing safety topics at weekly meetings.

To ensure that we provide our clients with a quality project, we collaborate with the owner, general contractor, and design team emphasizing several components including communication, coordination, design verification, revision control, baseline schedule, schedule management, environmental compliance, field inspection, quality control testing and resolution, and independent assurance.

Above & Beyond...

"Patriot Pipeline consistently goes above and beyond what is asked of them. I only wish they offered and performed more scopes of work. If I could get all of my contractors to perform like Patriot, my job would be easy. From the work in the field to the monthly billings, this company delivers."

Jeff Molin
Primus Contracting Group, Inc.

"Patriot Pipeline's support staff are my favorite people to work with - hands down. Their billing paperwork is correct, complete and always on-time. They are, literally, the only subcontractor's office that I don't have to 'deal with' because their paperwork is immaculate and detailed, and waivers are sent to me before I even ask. In fact, just Monday, my office assistant said to me 'Why can't everyone be like Patriot?' My reply was 'I KNOW!'. They truly are a breath of fresh air in this business - especially in California. And I have heard nothing but good things from our people in the field about them as well. They are a well-oiled machine. And I so appreciate them."

Brandi Harris Molin
Primus Contracting Group, Inc.
FULLMER CONSTRUCTION: Patriot did a spectacular job on our Shimano project. They made a difficult job easy. Finished ahead of schedule and worked great with the other trades.
FULLMER CONSTRUCTION: Several times I asked for favors and Jeff was more than helpful.
FULLMER CONSTRUCTION: They even volunteered to do some things that they saw needed to be done and all without asking for extra money.
FULLMER CONSTRUCTION: If you are considering Patriot Pipeline for any upcoming projects, they have my recommendation - Mike Carroll
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